Graduate students

We are currently accepting graduate students for rotations.  Please contact Mark directly.


Research Assistant

We are seeking a technician to help with a multidisciplinary neuroscience research project aiming at understanding the computational principles underlying complex cognitive tasks in rodents. Responsibilities will include behavioral experiments, neural imaging, and surgery. Additional responsibilities could include data analysis and computational modeling. The position is closely integrated into ongoing projects, and includes the opportunity to develop an independent research component. The position will be ideal for someone looking to develop their research skills before applying to graduate school. REQUIRED: a scientific or engineering bachelor’s degree; previous research experience; must be comfortable working with rodents; basic programming and quantitative reasoning skills; excellent organizational, communication, and time-management skills; the ability to work both collaboratively and independently. Experience with statistical data analysis, signal processing, or computational modeling in Python or MatLab is a plus. We are committed to supporting the career goals of all lab members: previous RAs in our lab have gone on to attend strong graduate and medical programs. Please apply online through the MIT careers portal.

Undergraduate students

We are currently accepting UROPs for the Spring 2019 semester. An example project in our laboratory:

Using a combination of theoretical and computational modeling, behavioral experiments, as well as optical and electrophysiological neural recordings, students will contribute to our mission of understanding how the biophysical features of neurons give rise the remarkable processing power of the mammalian brain.  This project involves the design, day-to-day operation, and analysis of a complex cognitive task, and will lead to the analysis of a large, high dimensional dataset.

Prerequisites: minimum time commitment of 12 hours per week. If this project is of interest, please contact Jakob Voigts (jvoigts at mit.edu).  If another research direction in our laboratory is more appealing, please contact Mark directly.